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  • 2018 Spring festival schedule

    Our holiday schedule of 2018 spring festival is from Feb. 14 to Feb. 25,and we'll on duty on Feb. 26. During this period, we will check our emailbox r......

  • 2018 NSF certification

    Yixin Carbohydrate Facility has been assessed by NSF Internation to be in compliance with GMP Requirements. ...

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Camptothecin 99% Cas 7689-3-4
Camptothecin 99% Cas 7689-3-4
Camptothecin herb extract Camptothecin is an alkaloid derived from the Chinese tree Camptotheca acuminata Decne. Camptothecin and its derivatives are unique in their ability to inhibit DNA Topoisomerase I, by stabilizing a covalent reaction intermediate termed the cleavable complex which ultimately causes tumor cell death. In clinical settings it is widely believed that camptothecin analogs exhibited remarkable anti-tumor and anti-leukaemia activity.  Topoisomerase is a basilic enzyme in the process of DNA replication  responsible for the winding / unwinding of the super-coiled DNA c...
(+)-Catechin Herb Extract
(+)-Catechin Herb Extract
CAS Number: 154-23-4 Molecular Structure:   Molecular Formula: C15H14O6 Molecular Weight: 290.3 (anhydrous basis) Appearance: White Powder Purity by HPLC: Minimum 98% Packing: Aluminum foil bag with inner plastic bag Storage: Store in a cool and dry area, keep sealed and keep away from direct light.  
Epicatechin (EC) 90%,95%,97%,98%
Epicatechin (EC) 90%,95%,97%,98%
EC 1.English name:Epicatechin 2.Cas No.:490-46-0 3.GMP certificate 4,specification 90%,95%,98%
Lutein 20%(Oil Suspension)
Lutein 1.GMP Certificate 2.Cas No.:127-40-2 3.It is an efficient anti-oxidant 4.Sepecfication 5%-20%
(+) Usnic acid Usnea Extract
(+) Usnic acid Usnea Extract Herb Extract
Usnic acid is extracted from Usnea.  Also known as old man's beard, Usnea is not a plant but a lichen—a symbiotic relationship between an algae and a fungus.  The entire lichen is used medicinally.  Usnea looks like long, fuzzy strings hanging from forest trees.  In natural remedies, especially in veterinary medicine, Usnic Acid is used in powders and ointments for the treatment of skin infections.  Usnic acid as a pure substance has been formulated in creams, toothpastes, mouthwashes, deodorants and sunscreen products, and in some cases as an active principle, while i...
Usnea Extract
(+)Sodium Usnic Acid Usnea Extract Herb Extract
1.GMP factory 2. Natural extract from Usnea 3.Cas No.:34769-44-3, 39012-86-7
Galantamine Hydrobromide Lycoris radiata Extract
Galantamine Hydrobromide Lycoris radiata Extract Herb Extract
Galantamine Hydrobromide 1.Cas No,:1953-04-4 2.GMP certificate 3.from Lycoris Radiata 4.Specification 98%
Green Tea Extract Herb Extract
Green Tea Extract Herb Extract
These extracts are strong active substances formed with catechin.  We can supply: 1) (-)-epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), Cas No.: 989-51-5.  2) (+)-epicatechin (EC), Cas No.: 490-46-0. 3) (-)-epicatechin gallate (ECG), Cas No.: 1257-08-5.  4)(-)-epigallocatechin(EGC), Cas No.: 970-74-1. 5) (-)-gallocatechin gallate (GCG), Cas No.: 4233-96-9.  6)(-)-catechin. If you need more information on these and other products we supply,  please visit our website.  
L-arabinose 99% Carbohydrate Sugar
L-arabinose 99% Carbohydrate Sugar
L-arabinose, a kind of aldopentoses, is a low-calorie sweetener that inhibits sucrase activity and prevents increase of blood glucose.  Therefore, it can prevent fat accumulation and acts against high blood glucose disease. L-arabinose, more common than D-arabinose in nature, can be used as pharmaceutical intermediate, preparing culture medium and be used for synthesis in the flavor industry.
D-galactose Carbohydrate Sugar
D-galactose Carbohydrate Sugar
Galactose is a monosaccharide that contains six carbons and an aldehyde group, and is classified as an aldose and a hexose.  Both the D and L forms are found in nature.  D-Galactose is commonly found in milk as part of the disaccharide lactose.  L-Galactose is present in polysaccharides, such as agar. 1.Cas NO.:59-23-4 2.Specification 98% 3.Follow GMP Guideline
D-Galactose (Plant Derived) Carbohydrate Sugar
D-Galactose (Plant Derived) Carbohydrate Sugar
D-Galactose 1.Non-animal derived (NAD) 2.Cas No.:59-23-4 3. Specification 98% 4.Follow GMP Guideline