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(+)-Catechin Herb Extract

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Product Details

Tea polyphenol

Tea polyphenol (TP), a kind of polyphenol, mainly contains tea catechin extract, with concentrations of 8%-20% in the tea leaves.  TP is an important chemical with health promoting benefits found in Tea.  Now TP has been widely applied in foods, cosmetics and the medicine industry. TP has shown an excellent antioxidative effect on fat and oil-containing foods, better than those of BHA, BHT<VE, etc. Furthermore, TP appears to have a synergetic effect with vitamin E, vitamin C, citric acid, etc.  It can also improve the stability of vitamin A, B2 and ß-carotene in foods, as well as inhibit the propagation of bacteria.

TP is also used as a food additive in chewing gum and toothpaste, to deodorize and eliminate halitosis, and anti-caries. It can prevent lipid oxidization in the body.  Moreover, TP can stabilize food color. TP pervades health-care products. So far, some new products (such as an oral liquid, capsule) have been sold in the market.  TP shows good potential in cosmetics.  The absorbing peak of the flavanols of TP appears in wave-length 200-300nm, so that TP is called the filter of ultraviolet rays. TP appears on the labels of anti-inflammation and itch-soothing products. Tea polyphenol supplies active -OH, which helps to eliminate excess free radicals.


 Application  Dosage  Usage
 Meat products  0.05% - 0.2% solution  spray TP solution on the surface, or soak meat in TP solution for serveral minutes, then dry it
 Fried Foods  0.03%  dissolved in water or white wine, add to foods
 Lipid products  0.03%  dissolved in ethanol,
 Bake Foods  0.25% - 0.5%  dissolved in water, mixture
 Drink  0.02% - 0.1%  add in drink directly
 Candy  0.1% - 0.3%  dissolved in water, mixture
 Fish products  0.3-0.5g/ml solution  soak in solution or spray TP solution on the surface, then dry it
 Chewing Gum  0.01% - 0.5%  * be used as deodorizer

Tea catechin

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