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Camptothecin 99% Cas 7689-3-4

Camptothecin herb extract Camptothecin is an alkaloid derived from the Chinese tree Camptotheca acuminata Decne. Camptothecin and its derivatives are unique in their ability to inhibit DNA Topoisomera...

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(+) Usnic Acid 98% Cas 7562-61-0

(+)-Usnic acid Usnic acid is extracted from Usnea.  Also known as old man's beard, Usnea is not a plant but a lichen—a symbiotic relationship between an algae and a fungus.  The entire liche...

Hot Tags  :  (+) Usnic Acid 98% Cas 7562-61-0 (+) Usnic Acid Herb Extract

(+)Sodium Usnic Acid 98% Cas 34769-44-3

Usnic Acid Sodium Sodium usniate is the salt of usnic acid, and its water solubility is better than usnic acid. Product Information CAS Number: 34769-44-3, 39012-86-7 Molecular Formula: C18H15NaO7 Mol...

Hot Tags  :  (+)Usnic Acid Sodium Cas 34769-44-3 Usnea Extract

Solanesol 90% Cas 13190-97-1

Solanesol Solanesol is extracted from tobacco and is the starting material for many high-value bio-chemicals, such as as vitamin-K analogues and coenzyme Q10. It is also a potentiating agent in these ...

Hot Tags  :  Solanesol Cas 13190-97-1 Solanesol 90% Cas 13190-97-1

(+)-Catechin Herb Extract Cas 154-23-4

Tea polyphenol Tea polyphenol (TP), a kind of polyphenol, mainly contains tea catechin, with concentrations of 8%-20% in the tea leaves.  TP is an important chemical with health promoting benefit...

Hot Tags  :  (+)-Catechin 98% Cas 154-23-4 (+)-Catechin Herb Extract Cas