Usnea Extract  (+)-Sodium usnic acid


Published date: Oct 17, 2018   Tags: Sodium usnic acid usnic acid 34769-44-3 antibiotic

Usnic acid is uniquely found in lichens, It is a potent antibiotic effective against Gram-positive bacterias and other batcterias. It also exhibits antiviral, antiprotozoal, antimitotic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity. Other characteristics, like ultraviolet absorption, preserving properties, antigrowth, antiherbivore and anti-insect properties, have also been demonstrated.

Sodium usnic acid is the salt form of usnic acid for better water solubility.

CAS Number:

34769-44-3, 39012-86-7

Molecular Formula:


Molecular Weight:



light yellow pwder


Minimum 90%


1kg/Al bag with inner plastic bag


The product is stable stored at room temperature and in an airtight, light resistant area for at least two years.


Natural Product

Yixin Usnic Acid is extracted from Usnea, Usnea looks like long, fuzzy strings hanging from forest trees and rocks without any contamination. In the whole production process, only extraction and purification are involved, it is 100% from nature.

Stronger Anti-bacteria with Lower Toxicity

Against certain bacteria, Usnic acid is stronger than antibiotic penicillin. Yixin natural Usnic Acid demonstrates stronger anti-bacteria effect in comparison with synthetic source, in the meantime, gave excellent lower results of cytotoxicity.

GMP System

Yixin Usnic acid facility follows GMP guidelines to ensure the traceability and consistence. It has been frequently audited by international companies, DMF is available.

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