Plant-derived (non-animal derived, NAD) D-Galactose

Published date: Aug 26, 2018   Tags: plant derived D-galactose 59-23-4 D-Galactopyranose NAD plant origin plant source galactose D-(+)-Galactose China GMP manufacturer

Plant derived, low endotoxin D-galactose is specifically for biopharmaceutical use, It can serve as a key, chemically defined component to optimize protein production.

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Plant-derived L-Arabinose, not from corn source

Published date: Aug 26, 2018   Tags: 5328-37-0 Plant derived arabinose L-arabinose L-Arabinopyranose plant source NAD plant origin China GMP Factory

L-Arabinose is a naturally occurring pentose with a sweet taste. Some research suggested that L-Arabinose selectively inhibit sucrose absorption and then inhibit the increase of blood sugar.

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Published date: Sep 19, 2019   Tags: Tagatose D-tagatose 87-81-0 China manufacturer

D-Tagatose has been found to be safe and efficacious for use as a low-calorie, full-bulk sweetener in a wide variety of foods, beverages, health foods and dietary supplements. In Europe Union, D-Tagatose is listed in UNION LIST OF NOVEL FOODS, and it is accepted as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) substance by US FDA.

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Published date: Nov 29, 2019   Tags: D-galactose 59-23-4 China GMP manufacturer Galactopyranose

D-galactose is widely used in lots of laboratories and industrial enterprises. D-Galactose can be acted as a basic start material for synthesis of many important intermediates.

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chemical synthesized D-Mannose

Published date: Aug 27, 2018   Tags: D-mannose 3458-28-4 Chemical synthesis Glucose source

D-mannose is a popular nutritional and health-beneficial food supplement, especially used as a dietary supplement. This specification is sourced from glucose by chemical synthesis method.

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