Focus on Natural Products

Has 30 years experience in herbal extracts and medicines, Yixin always focus on natural products including traditional Chinese medicine, herbal extract and carbohydrates from natural sourced.

GMP Certificated Manufacturer

All facilities are under rigid GMP system and international regulations. All analytical chromatography instruments have been updated with audit trailing system, data integrity system has been established since 2016

An open and dynamic enterprise

Yixin pays close attention to the quality of customer service, Yixin streamlined and efficient organization structure fully support us in providing the best quality-focused service.


Herbal extracts, Carbohydrates, Traditional Chinese Medicines

Herbal Extracts from natural source

We mainly concentrate on high purity active substance products,such as API Galanthamine HBr with is extracted from natural plant and GMP certificated. Now we are developing new active herbal extracts and dietary supplement ingredients.

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Plant-derived Carbohydrates

Yixin plant derived monosaccharide is produced under GMP system to ensure the traceability and consistent supply. As a major dietary supplement ingredient, Yixin carbohydrate facility was assessed by NSF to meet GMP requirement for dietary supplement ingredient.

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Traditional Chinese Medicines

Yixin has GMP production lines for herbal extracts and dosage forms including tablets, capsules, granules, syrups, ointment, solution (external use), mixture(oral solution), and ointment(cream) Yixin also has GMP certificate from NSF international for dietary supplement (ingredient).

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Our Activities

Company News, Meeting and Exhibition

New product D-Tagtose

D-Tagatose has been found to be safe and efficacious for use as a low-calorie, full-bulk sweetener in a wide variety of foods, beverages, health foods and dietary supplements.

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company Brief

Zhejiang Yixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, set up in 1989, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of Traditional Chinese Medicine natural API, health products, herbal extracts and carbohydrates. Yixin presents top quality products and services under rigid GMP system and international regulations.

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Zhejiang Yixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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Lanxi, Zhejiang 321109, China
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