Our Mission


We satisfy our customers with our products, prices, and services through developing, manufacturing, and marketing herbal extracts and monomer products that originate from natural sources. You can trust our long term commitment to this mission.

Our Ability

We consistently provide top quality extracts due to our three competitive advantages:

Advanced Equipment

Since no two herbal extracts are exactly the same, we design unique extraction and separation procedures for every herbal extract. Our processes are truly customized. Our top of the line manufacturing facility features stainless steel percolators and extractors, advanced separation equipment, vacuum stills, filters, high capacity spray, vacuum dryers and frozen dryers.

Strict Standards

Each batch of extract produced undergoes a set of proven analytical tests to ensure purity and to guarantee extract levels of the active maker compounds. We prepare and package extracts for sale only after they have passed every test.

Our commitment

From the raw materials to the finished product, we utilize Good Manufacturing Practices, coupled with exhaustive analysis of the completed product by validated scientific methods. Our rigorous attention to each detail allows you to offer your client the high quality standards of the future, today!


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Zhejiang Yixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
East Round Road, Lanxi
Zhejiang, 321100, China
Tel:+86-579-88865135, 5136
Email: sale@herbs-tech.com
Skype: shaobinbao , hj.howdor

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