Plant-derived (NAD) D-Galactose


Published date: Aug 26, 2018   Tags: plant derived D-galactose 59-23-4 D-Galactopyranose NAD plant origin plant source galactose D-(+)-Galactose

What is D-Galactose

D-Galactose is an aldohexose that occurs naturally in the body, It is commonly found in dairy products, sugar beets, certain gums and mucilages. 

D-Galacose is a basic ingredient usually used for creating brain senescence in animal models, increasing glycoproteins production through adding to cell culture medium.  As one of primary monosaccharides, D-Galactose can be acted as a basic start material for synthesis of many important intermediates. Certain medications contain galactose as excipient.

Plant derived, low endotoxin D-galactose is specifically for biopharmaceutical use, It can serve as a key, chemically defined component to optimize protein production while reducing lactate and ammonia formation. 


CAS No: 59-23-4
EINECS: 200-416-4
Alias Name: Glactose;  D-Galactopyranose; α-D-Galactopyranose; alpha-D-Galactopyranose;D-(+)-Galactose
Chemical Structure:
Molecular Formula: C6H12O6
Molecular Weight: 180.16
Assay: NLT 98.5% / 99.0%
Solubility: Easily soluble in water
Specific Rotation: +78.0º to +81.5º

Targeted drug development
Biochemical reagent
Ingredient for cell culture medium
Start material for synthesis


Yixin’s advantages

Plant-derived, NAD

Yixin’s plant derived D-galactose (NAD) is  completely from nature tree, non GMO source, developed specifically for biopharmaceutical  use. 

Low Endotoxin

Yixin plant derived D-galactose controls Endotoxin at the very low level to ensure the highest quality  in biopharmaceutical products. It can meet special requirement less than 5 EU/g or more stricter requirement.

GMP  system

Yixin plant derived D-galactose is produced under GMP system to ensure the traceability and consistent supply. Yixin GMP system was  established and improved over  20 years,  for carbohydrates facility,  NSF GMP certificate has been obtained since 2015, In 2015 Yixin carbohydrate facility was inspected  and concluded by US FDA to meet the related requirements.

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