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What is D-Mannose

D-mannose, is a sugar monomer of the aldohexose series of carbohydrates, existing in many kinds of fruits and plants, it is important in human metabolism especially in the glycosylation of certain proteins.

As a natural bioactive monosaccharide, D‐mannose is a popular nutritional and health‐beneficial food supplement, especially used as a dietary supplement influencing glyconutrient contribution on human health. The particular components in D-mannose and its method of absorption in the body make it effective in treating or preventing infections in the bladder and urinary tract.



CAS No: 3458-28-4
EINECS: 222-392-4
Alias Name: D-(+)-Mannose; Carubinose; Seminose
Chemical Structure:
Molecular Formula: C6H12O6
Molecular Weight: 180.16
Assay: NLT 99.0%
Solubility: Easily soluble in water, slight soluble in alcohol
Specific Rotation: +13.7º to +14.7º

Food additive

Dietary supplement ingredient

Cosmetic ingredient


Start material for synthesis




Food additive

D-Mannose could be an alternative sweeteners to sucrose for its sweet‐taste and low  calories, D‐Mannose has been commercially used in the food industry, it has been added to commercially ice‐cream, processed fruits and salad dressings for its properties , such as improving food texture (solubility, anti‐melting capability).

Dietary supplement

Some clinic results indicated that D-Mannose could be a useful agent for the prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections,  on market, it already has many dietary supplements for direct consumption using D-Mannose as single ingredient or with Cranberry extract together. Antibiotics tend to kill both harmful and helpful bacteria.  A natural method may help alleviate the discomfort of mild urinary tract and bladder infections.


d‐mannose is an auxiliary moisturizing agent that is widely used in skin‐care products.

D-Mannose was Listed in published Domestic Substances List (DSL)  by Environment and Climate Change Canada in 1994. ( )

Pharmaceutical industry

D-mannose, is a start material for synthesis of Biotin, Castanospermine, Oseltamivir phosphate. and on november  2018, "Mannose impairs tumour growth and enhances chemotherapy", an new reseach published on Nature indicates that mannose reduces the growth of tumour cells by impairing the metabolism of glucose, and enhances cell death when used in combination with conventional chemotherapy.


Yixin's advantages

Non-GMO Source

Yixin’s chemical synthesized D-mannose  is  sourced from D-glucose, neither Yixin nor any of Yixin suppliers of raw materials has used Genetically Modified Organisms in this product. 

GMO High Risk Crops & Inputs


Alfalfa, Canola, Corn (except popcorn), Cotton, Papaya, Soy, Sugar beet, Zucchini/Yellow summer squash, Canola

-Animal Derivatives

Meat, Eggs, Milk, Products of Apiculture (e.g., Honey), Products of Aquaculture (e.g., Fish), Gelatin, Hides and Skin

-Microbes and Microbial Products

Enzymes (e.g., chymosin), Cultures and starters including yeast, Algae from aquaculture


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Custom Specification

Now Yixin supply D-mannose in powder form and granule form, our crystal powder in competative price and fine crystal appearance, it's easy to be mixed with other ingredients, and D-mannose in granule form has good flowability and it's better for filling capsule. We also accept custom specification for meeting customer's requirement.


Clean Technology

Our D-mannose is produced by clean technology, during the whole production process, only safe solvents for food industry are used to ensure the environmental sustainability and the process safety.


GMP System

Yixin plant derived D-mannose is produced under GMP system to ensure the traceability and consistent supply. As a major dietary supplement ingredient, Yixin D-mannose facility was assessed by NSF to meet GMP requirement for dietary supplement ingredient.

-In 2015-2018 Yixin Carbohydrates facility was assessed by NSF international and found to be in compliance with GMP Requirements in NSF/ANSI Standard173,Section B Dietary Supplements.

-Yixin Carbohydrates Facility was inspected in 2015 by US.FDA, it’s concluded to meet the related requirement of Dietary Supplement Ingredient.

-In 2015-2020 Yixin Carbohydrates facility were certificated by 3rd Kosher certification organization.

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