(+)-Usnic Acid

Published date: Oct 17, 2018   Tags: Usnic acid usnea extract 7562-61-0 antibiotic

Usnic acid is uniquely found in lichens, It is a potent antibiotic effective against Gram-positive bacterias and other batcterias. It also exhibits antiviral, antiprotozoal, antimitotic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity. Other characteristics, like ultraviolet absorption, preserving properties, antigrowth, antiherbivore and anti-insect properties, have also been demonstrated.

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Plant-derived (NAD) D-Mannose

Published date: Aug 26, 2018   Tags: plant derived mannose d-mannose 3458-28-4 Non-GMO NAD plant source plant origin

As a natural bioactive monosaccharide, D-mannose is a popular nutritional and health-beneficial food supplement, especially used as a dietary supplement.

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Plant-derived (NAD) D-Galactose

Published date: Aug 26, 2018   Tags: plant derived D-galactose 59-23-4 D-Galactopyranose NAD plant origin plant source galactose D-(+)-Galactose

Plant derived, low endotoxin D-galactose is specifically for biopharmaceutical use, It can serve as a key, chemically defined component to optimize protein production.

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St. John`s wort extract

Published date: Oct 17, 2018   Tags: St. Johns wort hypericum perforatum hypericin

St. Johns wort has been studied extensively as a treatment for depression. Most studies show that St. Johns wort may help treat mild-to-moderate depression, and has fewer side effects than most other prescribed antidepressants.

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beta-D-Galactose Pentaacetate

Published date: Aug 27, 2018   Tags: 4163-60-4 Galactose Pentaacetate Galactose Pentaacetate

Galactose Pentaacetate can be used as a pharmaceutical intermediate.

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